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Senior Living Project

Senior Suite Style Living

Ezion Fair Baptist Church and & Entities proposes a Senior Suite Style Living facility in South-bridge Wilmington, Delaware. This Senior Center will focus on providing affordable senior living accommodations for seniors in the South-bridge community. In addition to providing affordable housing for seniors, the project will also seek to promote a better quality of life for our seniors while focusing on improving physical and mental wellness. 

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Proposal of Concept

The requirements for residents:

Seniors must be at least 65-years of age, able to care for their personal being, and be willing to live in a shared community dwelling.


Number of Units:

We plan to build a 3floor-level facility that has 10-15 Senior Suites.


Facility and Amenities:

A Community Multipurpose Room with Kitchen, and 15-Suite Style units. Each unit will have a private full bathroom, bedroom, living area and a kitchenette.

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Senior Community Living


General Concept

  •  4 Floors (30,000 sq. ft.)

  •  Personal Efficiencies/ Suites Living area

  •  Common Area

  •  Individual Utilities

Individuals Rooms 

General Area:

  • Kitchenette (Sink, Microwave Refridgerator) 

  • Small Eating Area

  • Full Size Bed

  • Full Size Close Closet 

  • Bathroom:

  • Sink 

  • Toilet

  • Bathtub with Shower 

  • Lining Storage

Common Space

  • Dinning/Community Room

  • Full Commercial Kitchen 

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